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Regular acupuncture treatments can create more healthy days, enhance the immune system, reduce pain, increase energy and relax the mind. When this is achieved a person is more able to enjoy life and care for himself.

How do you provide the full spectrum of nutrients your brain needs?

Brain Vibrance Gel Shots
Supports Brain Vitality, Enhances Sharpness and Endurance
Improves Memory, Learning, Comprehension

Brain Vibrance Supreme Gel Shots Contain:
PS  (phosphatidylserine),   GPC  (glycerophosphocholine),  and AC  (acetylcarnitine).

The Three Most Proven Brain Nutrients!
The peer-reviewed scientific literature on these three brain nutrients has elevated them above the rest.
Think of them as the Big 3 Nutrients for brain vitality and repair.

Brain Vibrance Supreme Gel Shots nutritionally support:

* Attention and total mental focus in healthy young people

* Homeostatic management of mood, anxiety, and the stress response

* Memory, learning, comprehension, and other cognitive functions

* Enhanced mental sharpness and endurance at any age

* Mind-body functional integration, via multiple overlapping mechanisms

* Revitalization of declining mental performance

* Brain repair and other intrinsic restorative processes

* Pituitary vitality and growth hormone tone

* Brain tissue responsiveness to intrinsic nerve growth factor

* Brain cell responsiveness to chemical transmitters

* Sociability and activities of daily living in the elderly (grooming, toilet, other essential functions).

gel shot

30 Gel Shots per box.  30 day supply.

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The human brain is a metabolic dynamo that weighs a mere 3 pounds yet demands at least one-fifth of our oxygen and blood sugar even when at rest. To support this intense activity it also requires the full spectrum of nutrients. Three nutrients stand out from the rest for their proven clinical benefits, their safety of use, and their contributions to brain vitality and renewal.