Albany Acupuncture

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Regular acupuncture treatments can create more healthy days, enhance the immune system, reduce pain, increase energy and relax the mind. When this is achieved a person is more able to enjoy life and care for himself.

Stay Healthier, Heal Faster and Age Better
with Acupuncture, Herbs and Western Nutrition Counseling

Acupuncture, Nutrition and Herbal Remedies Treat:
  • Women's Health Concerns
    • Menopause, PMS, infertility, fibroids, cysts, painful periods, pre- and post- pregnancy conditions
  • Brain and Memory Functions
    • Overall brain health, prevents forgetfulness, lack of focus, and other memory related problems
  • Muscle and Skeletal Pain Issues
    • Arthritis, tendonitis, back, neck and other join pain, trauma recovery
  • Digestive Disturbances
    • Nausea, constipation, indigestion, gastritis, diarrhea, and irritable bowel syndrome
  • Stress Related Problems
    • Anxiety, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, depression, addictions, and phobias

Stay Healthier

Acupuncture, herbs and western nutrition science enable the body's natural abilities to resolve immediate and chronic health problems without relying on invasive or drug interventions.

By stimulation the body's native energy ("chi") along specific channels called meridians, acupuncture and herbs allow vital balance and harmony to emerge.

Acupuncture combined with herbal formulas based on Traditional Chinese Medicine addresses the root causes of physical problems and symptoms which are excess, deficient or stagnant energy. Nourishing and sustaining the body's constitutional energy provides the strongest foundation for improving optimum health and sustaining quality of life issues.

Acupuncture and Herbs Relieves Pain and Improves Your Immune System

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been effectively practiced for over 3,000 years. Diagnoses to determine energy and physical imbalances, based on six pulses, are used to establish a course of treatment. Freeze dired herbal remedies are made from natural substances, without the usual unpleasant side effects and expense of pharmaceuticals.

In addition to treating conditions that conventional medicine may fail to resolve, acupuncture and herbal medicine, along with the latest Western nutrition counseling, provide greater prevention and faster healing by boosting the immune system, reducing stress and pain, and improving circulation and memory functions. Acupuncture significantly decreases recovery time following surgery, injuries and other tramas.

Acupuncture Works Well with Nutrition Therapy to Prevent Colds and Flu

With acupuncture and Chinese herbs your immune system is better able to withstand flu, colds and other minor infections. Many people continue to use acupuncture, herbal and nutritional remedies as an effective form of preventative medicine and to enhance their mental well-being and balance.

Patient Testimonials

"I spent 8 months taking various antibiotics and steroids to combat sinus infections that turned into a lung infection, and I still felt lousy. Then I went to see Susan Wallace, and after 6 acupuncture treatments and daily Chinese herbs, I felt 100% better! I highly recommend her." Adria McMurary, Attorney

"Working with Susan to improve my memory and strengthen my brain functions has been very helpful. I have greater clarity and focus and feel better able to concentrate throughout my work day." Tom Cosgrove, Business Consultant

"Acupuncture has been very helpful to me for reducing stress. I always leave the office feeling relaxed, yet energized. Susan is a very knowledgeable and caring acupuncturist." Kathy Dolye, Chiropractor