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Regular acupuncture treatments can create more healthy days, enhance the immune system, reduce pain, increase energy and relax the mind. When this is achieved a person is more able to enjoy life and care for himself.

Susan Wallace

Susan Wallace L. AC.

* Licensed Acupuncturist for over 25 years
* Independent Medical Examiner
* Diplomat National Board Orthopedics

Susan Wallace, L.Ac has been practicing in the Bay Area for over twenty years. She specializes in women’s health issues, healthy aging and brain health. Susan has continued to deepen her study in Chinese medicine and pursue the study of western nutritional medicine since being licensed in California.

Susan graduated from the San Francisco College of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 1986. She has a private practice, Albany Acupuncture, in Albany, California. She also works at the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic for Complimentary Medicine treating women cancer patients. She is an Independent Medical Examiner and expert witness.

Please call me at 510-559-8700 for a consultation and to make an appointment.

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About My Work

I practice acupuncture, herbal and nutritional medicine. Working within the framework of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is a complete medical system that has been utilized in Asia for over 5,000 years, I augment my practice with modern nutritional science. What interests me most in traditional medicine is that it continues to be valid and useful in our modern world. What excites me in nutritional science is the current and ongoing study of how our bodies and our minds work. The Chinese character for man is a being between heaven and earth. The physical, emotional, and spiritual all connect to affect our health and Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on this concept. Humans live on earth and interact with it. It is how we interact with these concepts that develops and creates our health.

To Stay Healthier, Heal Faster, and Age Better, please read more in About My Work.

Healthy Living Newsletter February 2024
Stealth Pathogens May Be Compromising Your Health

I have an important topic to introduce this month.

Stealth Pathogens: I often see patients with several to many chronic symptoms which never add up to a specific diagnosis in the doctor’s office. It might be a recurring skin rash or odd intermittent pains, allergic reactions that don’t have an obvious cause, respiratory problems that never go away, a virus that goes dormant like herpes, or food poisoning that seemed to clear but didn’t, candida that changes into some other fungus. Often, it’s chalked up to aging.

Treatment: Treating this takes whole plant herbs that are pulse dosed to trick the stealth critters to come out of hiding and then get eliminated.
I have seen dramatic results in different individuals, and it is an easy program to follow.


Healthy Living Newsletter October 2023
Drink Clean Water for Your Best Health

As we enter fall, I've been thinking about one of my favorite topics - hydration and water filters. When we filter water right in our homes, we get the best, safest water possible. And you don’t have to lug cases of bottled water to do so.

If you aren’t using a water filter then you are the water filter. Our municipal water departments only need to test and regulate for certain contaminants. Some contaminants such as lead are unsafe at any level however our state will allow some lead to remain in the water. Here are some other factors to consider:


Healthy Living Newsletter August 2023

Good news. I love helping my patients heal from injury or disease, and sometimes its my patient who helps me heal. As many of you know I have a hearing loss and needed to wear hearing aids. As of a month ago my hearing has returned....

Eleven years ago I was on a vacation and the day before I got on a plane to fly home I spent time in the resorts large hot pool. I love to be in water and kept dunking my head under the hot water. I went to bed and the next morning I got on a plane to fly home. When I got off the plane I couldn’t hear normally. I thought my ears would “pop”, but they never did. This was 11 years ago.


Mushrooms to the Rescue Update

I have been fortunate to spend much of the last 2 years studying different topics in my field. Mushrooms both medicinal and edible has been one of those topics. In Traditional Chinese Medicine mushrooms have been used as a tonic to enhance the body’s qi or energy and were highly valued to benefit longevity. In today’s modern research we have found that mushrooms improve the body’s immune system as well as enhancing brain and heart health. There are hundreds of research studies showing many more therapeutic effects of specific mushrooms. All mushrooms from the common white and brown mushrooms found in the grocery store as well as the huge variety found all over the world have extraordinary health benefits.

To maximize the benefits, try to eat mushrooms regularly 4-10 grams of mushrooms per serving, 4-5 times per week.


Best Ways to Stay Safe in Dealing with Covid 19

March 2020 Newsletter

Because of my experience with treating patients who have been sick in the past, I routinely follow basic precautions such as hand washing and frequent changes of linen and cleaning surfaces. In our office we are following the CDC guidelines in the hopes of keeping us all healthy. Since there are so many uncertainties with the current status of Covid 19 transmission I would like to institute a few basic protocols for all of us.

Viral onset. If you feel like you are coming down with a cold, have a fever or just have a little tickle in the back of the throat, please reschedule. Early cancellation is better but last minute is fine. If you have been exposed to someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus please do not come into the clinic for 14 days.

Hand washing. When you arrive, we both will engage in a good bout of hand washing. After the session, my washing is mandatory; yours is encouraged.

As more of the story unfolds it will be clearer how to proceed. If any of you have further concerns or ideas on how you can be more comfortable, please let me know. Now, how do we proceed in the world? What can we do to help ourselves have the best chance of staying healthy?


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